Dashboard for Agricultural Monitoring

Dashboard is a free service where you can visually operate with satellite images and weather data for your polygons.

Just draw your polygon on the map and immediately get a list of available NDVI satellite images to analyse NDVI index dynamic over time, charts with historical and current weather, accumulated parameters, and other data.

We use our Agriculture API as a data source, and you can always integrate these data feeds into your agricultural applications and visualise them the same or any other way.

In the Dashboard, you get the following data for your polygon:

  • Satellite images with NDVI index archive
  • Hourly weather forecast
  • 14-days daily weather forecast
  • Historical weather data since 2014
  • Accumulated temperature
  • Accumulated precipitation

  • We provide an archive of Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 of NDVI index for different dates. This functionality allows you to visually assess the NDVI index history for your fields over time.

    How to start working with Dashboard

    1. Create an account in Dashboard

    You need is to register on Dashboard. If you are already registered in our systems just use your Openweather login and password.

    2. Create your polygon for the area of interest

  • Click on "Add polygon" button
  • Draw your polygon OR input coordinates of your polygon in GeoJSON format
  • Fill in the "Name" field of your polygon and save

  • We have also created a polygon example "Default" that you can start using right now.

    3. Choose the polygon

    On the "My polygons" page choose the polygon and click on it's name.

    4. Choose the data by your polygon

    You can find the following data on the polygon page:

  • Satellite - Satellite images of Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 of NDVI index for different dates
  • Weather:
    • Hourly forecast - The weather forecast for 5 days with a 3 hours-step
    • Daily forecast - The weather forecast for 14 days with a 1 day-step
    • Historical data - Historical temperature data since 2014. You can choose any time period
    • Accumulated temperature - Historical accumulated temperature data since 2014. You can choose any time period. If the average temperature for the day is less than 5.00°C, then it is not included in the total amount of accumulated temperature. The average temperature value per day is calculated as the arithmetic average of 4 temperature measurements (at 00:00, 6:00, 12:00, 18:00).
    • Accumulated precipitation - Historical accumulated precipitation data since 2014. You can choose any time period

    Read more in our Blog. If you have any questions or comments, please contact our support team!